Robert Krames

Robert Krames - Graphic Artist

Robert Krames at a glance...
Profession: Graphic Artist
Experience: 15 Years
Mediums: Print, Web, and Video Production
Personality: Energetic, positive, ready to attack any problem and turn it into a creative solution that will bring effective results.

Professional: Robert Krames is a graphic artist residing in north-central Florida for over 25 years. Graduating with a degree in graphic design in 2001, Robert has pursued his career for the last 15 years. Working for various industries in the region including residential development, real estate, political, advertising, state college, and not-for-profit, Robert has a diverse set of skills and experience to draw from. He has extensive knowledge of the Adobe suite of programs, including: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, and Dreamweaver. Robert possesses a wide range of skills to deliver marketing solutions in print, web, and video production.

Personality: Robert is an energetic self-starter who is ready for a challenge. He enjoys bringing creative solutions that get the job done with excellence. He is enthusiastic about reaching his potential and building up those around him to do the same. Robert is a positive thinker and he does his best to spread positive energy to those around him. Robert is a team player, he appreciates diverse opinions and enjoys learning from other points of view.

Personal: Robert, 33 years of age, is happily married to his wife, Jessica, of 11 years. They, and their two children, are active members at their church, and spend their free time raising dairy goats and gardening.


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